On-Site Massage Services


Chair Massage


The special on-site massage chair fully supports employees in a comfortable postition while neck, scalp, shoulders, arms and hands, and back for the massage.  It allows for the maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time and requires little space.

In a very short time, seated massage can relieve mental and physical stress.  Chair massage is done through clothing making it convenient.  On-site massage can take place at business offices as part of a;

  • wellness program
  • special employee appreciation day
  • sitiuated at confrences 
  • health fairs

Please contact Beverly Massage Therapy for pricing.

Spa Parties


A Spa Party is considered any get together at your location. We can provide massage on a chair or on the table. 

Additional amenities can be added such as;

  • hot stones 
  • manicures 
  • mini pedicures  

Please contact Beverly Massage Therapy & Wellness Center for pricing.

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