Doula Services


As Your Doula: I will commit myself to your birth experience whole heartedly.
I believe the personal, loving touch of a doula makes a significant difference for the laboring mom and her companion and I‘m confident it will make an important difference for you as well. This birth you will go through is nothing short of a miracle, and so is your baby. 

I believe in a woman's God given ability to deliver her baby naturally. I also respect every woman's unique desire for her special birth plan. My role as your doula is to create a sense of calm and reassurance to your laboring atmosphere and be the encourager of your birth plan every step of the way. A doula helps to relieve fear and stress for both you and your partner. Once you find your own way of laboring, then you are free to be peaceful. You will feel successful about your experience when you have the confidence of being in control. Positive feelings are generated in the setting of feeling secure and cared for continually.

My Birth Services include: 
• un-medicated and medicated vaginal deliveries 
• induction 
• cesarean/VBAC

Labor Settings:
• home 
• birth center 
• hospital

My Services Include:
• At least 1-2 prenatal home visits         
  • Assistance with birth plans and birth options.
  • Phone contact during pregnancy and after the birth.
  • Continuous support through labor and delivery.
  • A home visit after the birth.
  • Lactation Support (within my scope of practice)   

 The Cost:

After we have interviewed and decided to work together I will provide you with a contract. Payment of 50% is due at our first prenatal meeting, and the remaining balance is due at 38 weeks. Payment plans are available for those who need it!
Two Prenatal Visits: 

During these visits we will discuss your desires and preferences for birth and pain management. I will assist you in constructing a birth plan if you choose, and we will practice comfort measures for labor. Our prenatal visits are an opportunity for us to get to know one another and build a trusting relationship based on open communication. These meetings will be scheduled to accommodate our respective schedules and can be held in the evening or on weekends. It is important that these meetings include both the mother and her partner as we will be working as a team during labor and delivery.
Unlimited Phone and Email Contact:

I will be at your disposal throughout your pregnancy. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns regarding your pregnancy. If I cannot answer your questions I will help you find the resources you need. 
On Call Status: 

Beginning two weeks before your estimated due date I will be on call for you. This means that I will strive for order and restfulness in my life. I will not travel far from home or turn off my cell phone. During the on-call period I will be prepared to step out of my life as soon as you contact me, and I will be prepared  to stay with you through your entire birth process. I am on call for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays! 
Continuous Presence at Your Labor:

Once you suspect you have gone into labor you should contact me by phone. Once you have decided you desire my presence I will join you in your home or I will meet you at the hospital according to your preference and what is most appropriate for your labor. From that point, I will stay by your side through out the entire labor and delivery of your baby. Once your newborn is snug in your arms I will assist you with breastfeeding and make sure you are comfortable, warm, and nourished. I usually stay one or two hours after the birth.  I will remain by your side until you are settled in as a family and ready for some quiet time alone together.
A Postpartum Visit: 

One to six weeks after the birth of your baby (at your discretion) I will come back to your home for a follow up visit. Enough time should have passed to allow you to adjust and assimilate your own experience outside of my perspective.  During the postpartum visit I will continue to offer assistance with nursing, help you process your emotions regarding the birth, and share with you my memories of your baby's grand debut!

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